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NASH The Missing Link 20 metres (T8286)

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Type selected: Weed 25lbs

The awesome Missing Link hooklink is available in three colours, weed (green) , gravel ( brown ) and silt ( black ). You now have the choice of which colour Missing Link you use to suit the lakebed you are fishing.

Missing Link features a high abrasion resistant braid which is significantly finer than our competitors but retains incredible knot strength and is also in a superb camouflage colour. A key element of The Missing Link is it's tough skin which is easily peelable but unlike most retains its resiliance when knotted and is much less prone to cutting the skin.

Kevin’s comments: On the bank, doing a feature with a foreign magazine, talking to the editor about my thoughts on rigs and how I used various hook links to perform various tasks, because each hooklink missed some elements; the editor joked ,“well wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could design a hooklink that didn’t miss any elements” – I thought he was right, The Missing Link! That is how the Missing Link evolved, so I set to designing an “all-round” hooklink. Working from the outside in, the skin was the hardest thing to get right. We needed a mix of chemicals to achieve a tough, but supple skin, yet with non-tangle abilities. The skin needed to be minimal thickness and the hardest one of all, a thin coated braid where when knotted, it wouldn’t cut through the skin easily – this was the big one for me, as to create many of my rigs with existing hooklinks on the market, I ended up with a hinge at both ends as the knot cut through the skin, so additional sleeving was required to stiffen the link again. I don’t know how many different chemical compositions were tried - countless dozens. We were at the point where the research laboratory was losing patience with us; then we cracked it! The skin of the Missing Link is the finest coating, it is easy to strip back, but really tough, solving the problem of knots cutting through. Another big factor for me is its abrasion resistance - well above other hooklinks I have tried. The braid inside is ultra-fine and represents the true breaking strain stated on the spool. A point here: I don’t wish to cast assertions on other manufacturers, but with many, their knotted strength bears no resemblance to the stated breaking strain – with the size of carp I am after, I cannot afford to take the chance!

Colouration of braids is a personal thing. Everyone’s got their own idea on which colour suits them on which lakebed. It will be in the future when we bring out different colours of Missing Link to satisfy everyone. On this first one though, we worked on a blend, which we thought gave the best camouflaging properties – and it does camouflage great, plus it is heavy and sinks quick, whilst, as it is very supple, it contours to the bottom.

I really do believe this is The Missing Link.

NASH The Missing Link 20 metres £11.49

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